Swiss water decaf

Flavour: Caramel and chocolate notes with a lingering creamy sweetness

Origins: Top Grade Pure Brazilian Cerrado Beans, Hand-Roasted in small batches.

Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method to maintain the complex flavours. They are then roasted by hand in our roastery to ensure that the finished product is as good as it can be!

Packaged in a one-way valve bag for freshness.

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Swiss Water

The Swiss Water process is an organic, 100% chemical-free option for decaffeination. It was discovered in the 1930s in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and is commercialised by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc, founded in 1988.

This method does not require the addition of chemicals, instead relying on a super saturated green coffee solution called Green Coffee Extract (GCE).

To decaffeinate coffee, fresh GCE is introduced to a batch of green coffee. As the GCE is already saturated with all the water-soluble compounds found in green coffee, minus the caffeine, the matching molecules won’t diffuse out of the coffee beans—but the caffeine will. The flavour is retained in the beans while the caffeine is removed.

Thanks to some scientific smarts and creativity, it’s possible to have decaf coffee that tastes the same – just without the caffeine!